Short Range Air Defense

We offer compact, lightweight radars for Short Range Air Defense and Very Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD).

Continuous, accurate air situational awareness


These radars systems are ideal for ground-based air defense (GBAD).

Using advanced sensor and signal processing capabilities, our XENTA-M SHORAD radar family offers precise target detection and comprehensive situational awareness of all types of air targets –from low, slow and small (LSS) targets to helo, general air, fighters and missiles.

This highly effective GBAD radar sensor can be mounted on suitable vehicles, semi-mobile or fixed installations. With 360-degree azimuth by 60-degree elevation coverage, it provides operators reliable early warning capabilities and the ability to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously.


Multiple air-target types
The Weibel XENTA-M X-Band radar system is specifically designed for surveillance and tracking operations of multiple air-target types from C-UAS engagement of small drones to fighter jets, helicopters and missiles.

The XENTA-M5 provides radar operators with range, height, bearing and target classification of targets at a distance of up to 75 kilometers. Smaller, commercially available drones such as a DJI Phantom-4 can be detected and tracked at up to 10 kilometers range.


Weibel drone detection radars provide range, height, bearing and target classification of targets at a distance of up to 75 kilometers.


Protecting military infrastructure
Our XENTA-M X-Band FMCW/CW SHORAD radars are typically used for air surveillance with regards to military critical infrastructure protection or as a sensor in ground-based air defense systems (GBADs). Designed specifically for air defense purposes, the system can be used as an organic sensor on any air defense platform.

Our radar utilizes Doppler technology and multi waveform capability to achieve unique results. The combination of simultaneous FMCW/CW-MFCW waveforms in the X-Band frequency range gives the radar the ability to detect, track, classify and separate even very small objects in the velocity and range domains. This allows it to set a condition for enhanced performance against any target.

Three-dimensional digital-array technology enables our XENTA-M radar to achieve a higher target illumination time compared with traditional pencil beam or active electronically scanned array (AESA) technology.

Beam steering allows the radar system to tailor the covered area specifically to the intended task, ensuring that the resources of your system remain focused on the essential air space. This also means you get full envelope coverage when tracking targets.

High-accuracy Stop & Stare mode
Three-dimensional fire control target tracking is achieved by stop-and-stare processing. It is a Weibel unique feature that enables the XENTA-M5 and XENTA-M3 radars to function as a fire control radar for guns and missiles.

The transitions from target detection and acquisition to lock-on and close-loop tracking are made possible by the advanced drive system, which turns and accurately positions the radar antenna. This provides highly accurate position data for effectors.

Range-Doppler processing coupled with dynamic clutter map suppression and moving-target detector (MTD) processing ensures minimal false-track reports.

Rapid decision-making
The system allows track data, including 3D position and velocity, to be reported to interface partners at a high data rate with minimal latency. The comprehensive situational awareness delivered by the XENTA-M5 and XENTA-M3 improves tactical processing, decision making and target engagement.

If your interest is primarily that of drone detection and surveillance then you may want to take a look at our civilian version XENTA-C Drone Detection Radars for critical infrastructure protection, border control and more.