Partnerships have helped shape Weibel, providing a constant source of ideas, challenges and inspiration to fuel our innovation ambitions.

A strong network

Strategic partnerships with leading educational and government institutions form an important part of our business.


Technology partnerships
Weibel has been strategic partner of Lockheed Martin since 2015. The purpose of this long-term partnership with one of the elite players in the industry is to integrate Weibel’s innovative Doppler radar technology into Lockheed Martin’s missile defense systems.

We also have a long, close partnerships with NASA, US Army, US Navy and defense agencies worldwide.

Education and research communities
An important source of our own development and innovation is our partnerships with educational and research facilities within radar and digital processing technologies.

We have an excellent collaboration with Denmark’s Technical University (DTU), where we regularly meet the next generation of engineering students. In addition to participating at DTU Space’s Project Day, some of our specialists are external university examiners. We often offer graduate students the opportunity to work on relevant projects at Weibel and we usually have several Ph.D. students conducting innovative research at our development, test and production facilities.

We want to share an appreciation of science and technology with the general public and future generations.

We have strong ties to the Danish Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen, which promotes astronomy and space research for the general public. We also support Denmark’s national science center ASTRA and its initiatives within Engineering the Future.