Phased-array tracking

Detect, track and identify multiple free-flying objects simultaneously in multiple radar beams.

Weibel builds and delivers wide Field-Of-View phased-array radar systems to support your complex mission scenarios. It enables you to detect, track and identify multiple free-flying objects simultaneously.


Phased-array radars consist of many smaller, individual antenna feeds, which serve to turn the radar system into multiple radars. These systems are based on highly advanced, complex technologies that offer great versatility. Agile, rapid beam switching allows you to track some objects while still acquiring others.

For example, one array can rapidly locate targets by emitting multiple beams with different search patterns. Some are vertical and move horizontally, while others are horizontal and move vertically. When an object is located, it is then tracked with a narrow beam, while other wide beams can acquire more targets. In this way the radar will provide you with a unique ability to capture accurate TSPI data for multiple flying objects in complex mission scenarios, such as fighter jets, helicopters, drones, missiles, and airdrops.

MFTR-2100/42 Tracking Radar



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