Job areas

Seasoned professional? Or just about to graduate? We welcome people from different industries and areas of expertise, e.g electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software engineers.

We work everywhere


From researching new innovations in Doppler radar technologies to building and delivering high-tech radar systems, Weibel supplies the most innovative Doppler radar solutions to a variety of customers and industry sectors worldwide. Whether tracking space debris, keeping important assets safe from drone attacks, or measuring the speed of a projectile, our radars are used in a range of scenarios.

Total in-house production
Quality and reliability are key principles at Weibel, and we believe in having total control over all core processes – from development to production. This is why we develop and manufacture our systems in-house.

Together, our teams of highly specialized engineers and technicians develop and build all mechanical parts, electronics and software – including components such as microwave amplifiers and oscillators.

Unleash your potential
It is this international and professional diversity enabled by bold innovation that fuels our quest to be global leader in Doppler radar solutions. Whether you are a seasoned professional or in the early stages of your career, we welcome individuals from different industries and areas of expertise e.g. electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers and technicians.