Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

An effective, accurate Doppler radar solution seamlessly integrated into your UTM system.

Boost your UTM capabilities


Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), including drones, are becoming increasingly commonplace in airports and national airspace systems in general.

This calls for more stringent security procedures to maintain continuous operations. There is a greater need for unmanned traffic management (UTM) platforms to effectively manage unmanned air traffic.

UTM systems facilitate automatic communication between a drone and other nearby aircraft, significantly reducing the risk of collisions and structural damage. They need to be able to monitor every UAV with great precision and without the need for human operators.

Weibel’s XENTA-C drone detection radar is specifically designed to detect, classify and track drones in an urban environment as the premier sensor in the UTM-system.



Our XENTA-C radars are designed for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations (BVLOS) in challenging situations to help airspace operators gain accurate 3D situational awareness within the airspace.

For example, operators can survey drone delivery corridors, so that authorized drones can fly freely in designated without the risk of collision with unobserved UAVs.


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