Corporate Social Responsibility


Weibel doppler radar

Weibel’s Corporate Social Responsibility

To Weibel, corporate social responsibility is to make sustainable footprints both on a social and environmental level.


Social footprints of our business conduct
Most of what we develop and produce is exported to public authorities in the Western-oriented world. The nature of our products means that Weibel is part of a highly regulated industry. All exports and imports from and to Weibel are handled in close accordance with applicable laws. We invest a great effort into ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and no export happens without prior export permission from Danish authorities who assess export markets in terms of human rights, economic sanctions and other risks.

We have insourced all development and production, giving us control over every little detail in our radar systems. The suppliers we use are primarily a combination of local minor suppliers in the global supply chain of e.g. aluminium and global suppliers where our low purchasing power allows us to yield very little influence on their conduct.

Taking local social responsibility


Our radar systems are commonly used in critical defense situations with a real impact on the individuals involved. Supporting Danish veterans will always be special to our understanding of social responsibility.

We have a profound respect for those willing to sacrifice their lives to keep others safe, and our veteran policy encompasses both direct involvement and economic support in a wide range of initiatives.

We have employed veterans for many years. Their experience and insights contribute positively to our cooperation with defense organizations and end-users throughout the world. Currently, Weibel has 20 veterans employed.

We are a continuous sponsor and partner of the Society of Danish Wounded Warriors (Veteranskytterne). We also support various veteran sports events and veteran music festival Engage.

We strongly encourage veteran support from our suppliers and partners and are proud to favour coffee from Veterans’ Charity Coffee and services from Veterankompagniet.

 Creating the world’s best children’s hospital

In 2020, Weibel became one of four founding fathers of the children’s hospital foundation BørneRiget Fonden. This is the first ever hospital foundation supporting a public hospital in Denmark; Mary Elizabeth’s Hospital is planned to open in 2025. The goal: Building the world’s #1 hospital for children and pregnant women.

No child deserves to become seriously or chronically ill. Weibel is very proud to support the hospital in research, new technology investments and the physical surroundings – all to the benefit of the patients and their families.

Read more about the hospital here:

Supporting education

We see it as our responsibility to help spread an interest for STEM among future generations. At the same time, partnerships with educational facilities are an important source of our own development and innovation.

We have a close and long-standing collaboration with Denmark’s Technical University (DTU). We are involved in a range of activities, some of our specialists are external examiners, and we often have several graduate and PhD students conducting research at our development, test, and production facilities.

We also support Denmark’s national center for science education, ASTRA, and its initiatives within Engineering the Future. We always like to welcome visits from schools to show what a STEM education can lead to.

Environmental footprint

We are continuously working on minimizing our environmental footprint. We do this by investing in proven green technologies, building sustainably when expanding our facilities, and by working with a sustainable mindset in our daily operations to lower our consumption of energy and materials without compromising our products’ functionality, performance, and quality.

We have decided to invest in obtaining the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management system, including annual review of relevant KPIs.

Select initiatives in our daily operations:

  • Comply with environmental legislation and other requirements
  • Continually seek to minimize emissions, energy use, water and waste by each employee
  • Actively increase recycling
  • Promote the use of digital communication channels to reduce the need for business travel
  • Incorporate environmental practice for procurement
  • Move gradually to using only electric cars (we have used electric cars since 2013)