What we do

Leading Doppler radar technology for the aerospace, defense, forensic science, and automotive industry sectors.

Tracking radar

What we do

As the leading global producer and exporter of continuous-wave Doppler radars, we deliver superior products to mostly public organizations in the aerospace, defense, forensic science, and automotive industry sectors.


Based on the Doppler principle, discovered by the Austrian scientist Christian Doppler in 1842, we have developed five generations of radar systems, with each new system building on the technological advances of the former.

These instruments rely on continuous-wave Doppler principles and cutting-edge microwave technologies, multiple receivers and advanced signal processing to measure Time Space Positioning Information (TSPI), velocity and dynamic behaviour of multiple objects in real time.

In-house development
Quality and reliability are key design principles, and we believe in having total control over all core processes – from development to production. That’s why we develop and manufacture our systems in-house. All mechanical parts, electronics and software – including components such as microwave amplifiers and oscillators – are built by our team of highly specialized engineers in Denmark.

On-site testing
Before delivery, all our radar systems are calibrated and tested in realistic scenarios at our test facilities in Denmark. In addition to the industry’s most advanced software and hardware systems for monitoring and measuring variables, our testing environment includes drones in various sizes, a small propeller airplane and a jet aircraft.