Velocity measurement

Weibel provides Doppler radars that give you the best possible accuracy when calculating change in velocity of a free-flying object over time.

Muzzle velocity measurements radar on a Cardom 10

Full projectile analysis

With our X-Band continuous-wave radar technology, it is possible to analyze vital projectile behavior, including data such as radial velocity, slant range, spin and stability through the trajectory. To date, Weibel has delivered more than 700 velocity radar systems worldwide.


Detailed measurements
With a Weibel radar, you can perform detailed measurements both outdoors and in confined environments. You can also perform measurements at long range and low elevation.

The analytical measurement functions allow for advanced measurements; for example, ricochets, penetration projectile spin and in-bore measurements.

All types of ammunition
Our velocity measurement Doppler radars measure all types of ammunition.

Bullet measurement by radar

All types of ammunition
Our velocity measurement Doppler radars measure all types of ammunition, including:

  • Projectiles
  • Artillery, conventional and base bleed
  • Mortars
  • Tracers
  • Anti-tank rounds
  • Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS)
  • Rockets

The radars measure velocities from 30 to 10,000 meters per second, achieving overall accuracy of at least +/-0.05%.

Data insights
Our specially developed WinDopp software not only allows you to extract velocity information, but also provides insights into the full velocity development over the time of flight.

It allows you to accurately monitor, measure and observe parameters including muzzle velocity, velocity versus time, velocity versus range, kinetic energy, drag, projectile spin, micro movements, yaw, tumbling and sudden velocity changes throughout the trajectory.

Many other data list configurations are possible from the available measurement data, and the ability to configure the data lists ensures the operator only sees relevant data and necessary information.

Built for flexibility
All radars within the SL family of fixed-head Doppler radar systems are compact, portable and highly reliable.

All electronic components are integrated in the antenna/processor unit. The radars can connect directly to your TCP/IP network and be accessed and controlled from any standard PC on the Weibel WinDopp software.

The Weibel Doppler radar systems incorporate a unique self-calibrating technology. Because they automatically calibrate throughout their lifetimes, they do not require any manual calibration.


Built to last, easy to use
Our Doppler radar systems for velocity measurement are designed to operate in the field under the harshest of conditions. The rugged mechanical and electronic system design ensures high reliability and robust resistance to blast and the vibrations from firing weapons.

All equipment for velocity measurement is designed for mobility and, because of its compact, lightweight design and easy set-up, is suitable for operation by a single person.

Features of Weibel’s radars for velocity measuring

  • Easy access to remote unmanned radars
  • Easy supervision of radar operators in the field
  • Remote assistance over the internet
  • Multiple radars and WinDopp PCs in the same network for maximum flexibility
  • The internal sample memory ensures safe operation on networks with low bandwidth

Doppler frequency spectrum

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