Short, medium
and long range

Our SL series of radars are highly suitable for velocity measuring of projectiles travelling over all distances, such as artillery, mortars, rockets and fragments from explosions.

Velocity measurement for shooting ranges.

Velocity measurement for all shooting ranges.


The SL series of fixed-head X-Band CW Doppler radars is the most versatile in the market. It comprises seven different models from 20dB to 36dB. This offers a family of radars that will support e.g. measurement of 5.56mm caliber rounds from up to 250m for the smallest radar, and up to 3,000m for the largest radar.

The radar systems are designed to operate in the field under harsh conditions. The rugged mechanical and electronic system design ensures high reliability and robust resistance to blast and vibrations from firing weapons.

A key feature is the consistent accuracy, thanks to the self-calibration capability. Our radars constantly self-calibrate, helping to minimize errors and dispersion caused by various everyday factors – including a gun barrel’s wear and tear, temperature, humidity differences in propellants, and variations in projectile weight.



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