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Hear from a few of our colleagues pushing the bounds of Doppler radar technology, everyday.

Weibel Design Engineer

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Everyone has a special role to play, but we’re all one team, working towards the same goals. See what a few of our Weibel colleagues have to say.

Meet Pelayu from International Sales

“Weibel is a top company in my field”

Meet Pelayu Cadenas Buelga, Regional Sales Director in Weibel. Pelayu is originally from Spain and holds an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and an MSc in Wireless Communication Systems:

“I perform roles all throughout the sales flow, from lead generation all the way to sales support after we have delivered the system. My job is very dynamic and varied, but one common factor is that I constantly work with very skilled professionals in the high-tech industry, both my colleagues in Weibel and our clients and partners across the globe.

When I joined Weibel in 2014, I was primarily in sales support, but today my role is much more comprehensive and more about sales management, business development and market improvement. For example, it has been particularly interesting to me to take part in developing Weibel’s market in Latin America. Both professionally, because it involves areas where I have an interest, such as business development and account management, but also personally because I’m from Spain.

In Weibel, I have had the chance to delve into the areas that have interested me the most. Weibel is a very flexible workplace, and though there are no guarantees, there is freedom to express your desires for how you want to evolve professionally.  Weibel is a top company in my field. It’s not the only reason why I live in Denmark, but it has definitely been a contributing factor.”


Meet Andreas from Microwave technology

”It is exciting that Weibel designs everything in-house”

Meet Andreas Rosenberg, Design Engineer, Microwave in Weibel. Andreas is Master of Science in (M.Sc.) in Electronical Technology from DTU, specializing in wireless communication (Wireless Engineering).

In his work with antennae design, Andreas Rosenberg is responsible for simulations and tests of new products. This involves precision testing and developing test procedures, data management processes and drone detection capabilities. With an electrical engineering degree, specialising in wireless engineering, Andreas often has his own electronics projects on the go, too.

“I discovered Weibel during my studies and could see that since everything is designed in-house, there are lots of exciting areas to work in. Electronics has always attracted me and during my studies, I became extremely interested in microwave technology – one of Weibel’s main areas of competency. I’m very happy to be involved in development in this area.”


Meet Henrik from Software processing

“Here, everyone speaks my technical jargon”

Meet Henrik Stenby Andresen, Software Developer, Project Manager and R&D Manager in Weibel. Henrik holds an MSc in Engineering and a PhD in Medical Ultrasound:

“I work with real-time data processing. I transform raw data from the radar system into information such as distance, speed, and size that the system user can work with. I have a PhD in medical ultrasound, but the math, tools and the way of thinking are the same, in Weibel I just work with microwaves instead of sound.

When I started in Weibel three years ago, I was hired to do hardcore signal processing, but today I also spend a lot of my time guiding and sparring with my colleagues. I have also been appointed project manager, which means that I am responsible for delegating and preparing all tasks within my team and making sure that we all pull in the same direction.

Over time, I would like to get more involved in staff management. I want to help make sure that we evolve, that people want to work here for years, and that our working methods are as advanced as our hardware.
Compared to other places I have worked, Weibel is an extremely agile and dynamic workplace. If you have a good idea for how to do things smarter, you can speak directly with top management, and resources will be allocated. The good idea and technical arguments are more important than anything else. As an engineer, I don’t have to present a business case to get something approved. I can speak my technical jargon – and be understood. I’ve never experienced that before.”


Meet Linda from Print & Microwave

“Weibel is my second home”

Meet Linda Vellier, Product Assembler in Weibel’s microwave department. Linda is educated in retail:

“When the engineers have finished a design, it is my job to finish the prototype to prepare the design for testing. I do that by soldering the components so that the prototype matches the design. I also make sure nothing is missing from the design. My work is so varied that I consider myself an all-in-one specialist.

I work in the microwave department, but occasionally I help the production. Right now, I work with one of the engineers on developing and finishing a transponder for one of our future products. Here, it is my job to make sure that the right elements are prepared to perfection.

I have worked in Weibel for three years now, and it feels like my second home. I love to work with all the microscopic elements. The craziest thing I’ve experienced in Weibel was when we delivered the first radar systems to Indonesia. It was so exciting and fun to be a part of, and I couldn’t talk about anything else for months. I even dreamed of it at night – and it wasn’t nightmares.”


Meet David from Operations

“It’s awesome to handle the machines”

Meet David Christian Belin, Industrial Technician at Weibel. David is a trained toolmaker:

“I handle our 5-axis and horizontal machines in the production. They produce our small antennas and the components that go inside them, and the small pedestals for our lightweight systems. I receive the completed designs from the engineers as 3D-files, which I use to program the machines’ work on the computer. There are almost no limits to what the machines can do.

For a while I also had a lot of administrative tasks. I scheduled my colleagues’ operation of the machines and was responsible for coordinating shipping when our products for example needed surface coating. That gave me some experience that I can definitely use going forward.

In a few years, I might want to do more administration again or perhaps programming. I’ll find out soon enough. So far, Weibel has allowed me to try out different areas that I’m interested in or would like to try out. But right now, the perfect job for a tech-nerd like me is to handle the machines.

My biggest challenge in Weibel was last year, when we were to deliver a lightweight pedestal. We had to remove as much weight from the units as possible without compromising stability. And it was amazing when we succeeded! Now we are going to produce even more of these lightweight systems, as the customers are crazy about the fact that the systems don’t have to weigh a ton.”

Meet Jens from Finance & IT

”Weibel is an exciting company with strong ambitious visions for the company’s development”

Meet Jens Boëtius Andersen, HD in accounting, Cand merc. Aud, Chartered Accountant and hold   Diplomas in Business Excellence from CBS and Columbia University Business School.

With his financial background and extensive experience in business optimization, Jens Boëtius Andersen plays a key role in fueling Weibel’s continued growth and ensuring Weibel remains financially healthy. Jens has more than 18 years’ experience working with company restructuring at Deloitte as Director and Head of Restructuring Services. He joined Weibel from a position as Group CFO at Mobylife.

“Weibel is an exciting company, not just because we produce unique products for a growth market, but also as we have owners and management who dare to have ambitious visions for the company’s development. As CFO, I aim to help to ensure that the foundation for realising the vision is secure.”