Technical innovation milestones

Constant innovation and development in Doppler radar solutions, meeting our customers’ challenges head-on

Always ahead

You can only truly innovate once you have become specialized within your field. At Weibel, we have kept our business focused on Doppler radar technology.


We have resisted the urge to diversify, so that we can continue to innovate and develop Doppler radar solutions in all their different configurations. Our founder, Mr. Erik Tingleff Larsen, was fond of saying, “We will not be satisfied until we reach the limits of physics”, and that same ambition is still expressed daily in our research and development work.


State-of-the-art facilities
Innovation demands a state-of-the-art environment, and we have continually invested in research and development within Doppler radar technology. Most recently, in 2015, we completed an expansion of our production facilities in Denmark with new, advanced machinery and modern buildings.

Our production facilities include one of the largest and most advanced metal-processing facilities in northern Europe, which contains automated surface-mount technology (SMT) lines and large computer numerically controlled (CNC) metal cutting machines.

On-site testing
Before delivery, all our radar systems are calibrated and tested in realistic scenarios at our test facilities in Denmark. In addition to the industry’s most advanced software and hardware systems for monitoring and measuring variables, our testing environment includes drones in various sizes, a small propeller airplane and a jet aircraft.