Critical infrastructure surveillance

Military installations, airports, power plants and other installations are increasingly at risk of intrusion by unmanned aerial vehicles, ranging from sophisticated unmanned aircraft to inexpensive drones.

Drone detection in Airports

Critical Infrastructure Protection


As advancements are made in UAS technology, critical infrastructure protection is becoming increasingly important. UAVs can carry explosives or biohazardous cargo. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be able to detect and monitor UAV activity.

Weibel’s XENTA-C family of counter-UAS drone radars offers cutting-edge sensors for critical infrastructure protection systems tasked with detection and surveillance of UAV activities.

Offering protection to vulnerable sites, Weibel’s drone detection radars allow you to discover and classify UAVs in your airspace of interest – and to track the UAVs with immaculate precision – even when challenged by high-clutter environments.

The radars are designed to provide situational awareness continuously and with great precision – even when challenged by high-clutter environments such as city or offshore environments. The C-UAS radar can be integrated with a  command control system, and through this, essential deterrent systems, including frequency jammers and electro-optical systems.

Weibel’s XENTA-C Counter-UAS radars are the prime sensor for security systems at airports. It offers the markets best technological means to counter the increasing risk of intrusion by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), ranging from sophisticated unmanned aircraft to inexpensive drones.

Our XENTA-C drone detection radars use X-Band CW-FMCW digital array 3D Doppler technology to provide accurate situational awareness data, including bearing, range, altitude, velocity data, and tracking.

With the radar, you can detect, track and classify low, slow, and small (LSS) targets, whether flying alone or in clusters.

Track data generated from these targets is reported quickly and with high precision allowing for swift tactical-processing, analysis and decision making. Using advanced dynamic clutter-mapping and MTD-processing, our drone detection radars deliver high-performance detection with minimal misidentifications.


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