Keeping an eye on the skies

side view of a doppler radar

Who we are

Weibel Scientific develops, manufactures and sells the
world’s most advanced Doppler radars.


At Weibel, we are – and have been for more than 40 years – driven by one overarching goal: to deliver the world’s best and most advanced Doppler radars. Since 1977, we have delivered more than 4,500 state-of-the-art velocity and position-measuring instruments to customers in over 40 countries.

Our customers include governments, public organizations and international conglomerates around the world. Over the years, we proudly worked with NATO missile defense, NASA, and other international space agencies, to name a few.

Whoever we work with, we aim to achieve the highest level of accuracy, longevity and service in the industry, and, to that end, we strive to build radar systems of the highest quality possible. We aspire to achieve total customer satisfaction and create relationships to last.

Our company draws upon attitudes and values that run deep – going back to our founding in 1977. And we’re motivated by an innate entrepreneurial spirit within technology development – which is essential if we are to continue to lead the market in a fast-moving high-tech environment.

As a 100% privately owned company, we are not limited by external owners, and are fully able to make our own moves when we see opportunities arise. With a solid financial base and consistently growing revenues, we can respond quickly to market developments while also focusing on the immediate needs of our customers.

“We believe in insourcing and minimizing our dependency on subcontractors. This secures control over the entire process and guarantees the best quality – always.”

Thomas Øiseth Munkholm, Owner and Chairman

We place a premium value in our own technological capabilities and a fundamental element of that is our own development and production. It’s why we have invested over USD 80 million in research and development throughout our history.

As committed, dedicated professionals, we take great pride in building every product from start to finish. Every component of our radar systems has been designed by our engineers and produced in our facilities.

We typically work as a project-based organization, building systems specifically in response to customer needs by using the latest technologies and a strict adherence to both project governance and cost efficiency.

In this same spirit, we are comfortable with taking responsibility for every part of every product we deliver, because we have the highest confidence in our technology and craftsmanship.

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