39 dB order from Nobby Tech

Japanese order for a 39dB lightweight tracking system

August 17, 2020

Our Sales Director APAC, Aleksandar Grgic: “This is just one more success in our many years long relationship with our excellent and most honored representative Nobby Tech Ltd. in Japan. There are today several dozens of active Weibel radars in Japan and more are to come. We foresee a bright future for Weibel in Japan.”

Nobuie Konishi, Owner and CEO of Nobby Tech comments:

We have been supplying Weibel’s Doppler Radars to the Japanese Ministry of Defense and ammunition manufacturers for over 30 years. The Weibel Doppler Radar products have become indispensable for ballistic measurements of flying objects. We are delighted to introduce the newly developed compact MFTR-2100-39/160 to the Japanese market, which enables us to perform a number of functions with the compact radar that were previously only available with larger radars. We are looking forward to conduct ballistic measurement with higher accuracy than before.

The 39dB lightweight tracking system is one of Weibel’s most recent developments and the top-end product in Weibel’s product line of portable radars. It is based on the latest platform of Weibel’s Range Instrumentation Radars (RIR) and complements Weibel’s family of trailer based mobile tracking radars. To date, Weibel has delivered more than 200 tracking radars for worldwide deployment.